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Builders and Remodelers (A – D)

Andy Johnson Builders, Inc.

Phone: 256-417-2563 or E-mail:

Architectural Details

Phone: 256-476-4804 or E-mail:

Artistic Bath Designs

Phone: 256-777-5130

Blaze Construction

Phone: 256-502-0982 or E-mail:

Boyett Construction, Inc. 


Bryan Wallace Builder

Phone: 256-214-1238 or E-mail:

Building Construction...

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Builders and Remodelers (E – H)

Edco Construction, Inc.

Phone: 256-898-5934 or E-mail:

Frost Construction

Phone: 256-340-9771 or E-mail:

G. Corec Contracting

Phone: 256-606-9331 or E-mail:

General Repair Service

Phone: 256-355-7910 or E-mail:

Genesis Construction Company

Phone: 256-751-0888

Griffin Developers

Phone: 256-498-5151

Gordian, Inc.

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Builders and Remodelers (I – P)

Installed Building Products

Phone: 256-746-0004

Jack Blankenship

Phone: 256-303-6823

James Stillwell Construction

Phone: 256-476-6425

Jerry L Smith & Associates

Phone: 256-351-0436

John Mitchell Construction Company

Phone: 256-350-0665 or Email:

LDE Construction

Phone: 256-351-0436

LTM Construction

Phone: 256-341-9011

Morris Development

Phone: 256-773-2645...

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Builders and Remodelers (R – Z)

Raley Construction, Inc.

Phone: 205-489-3330 or E-mail:

Rick Hall Construction

Phone: 256-773-3101

Ricky McCurry Homebuilders

Phone: 256-350-3387

Ridgeline Construction HSV, Inc.

Phone: 256-325-1345

Rodney Smart Construction

Phone: 256-565-4687

Stan Maner Construction

Phone: 256-350-2442

Shelton Construction

Phone: 256-351-1112 or E-mail:...

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